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Sunbeam 16hp Tourer (Reg No. OX 2509)

Manufactured in 1927 by: The Sunbeam Motor Car Co. Ltd. Wolverhampton.

Registered in Birmingham (OX) possibly one owner until the 1960s and then exhibited in a Dutch museum before being returned to England in 1987. (Any information on early history would be welcomed.)

6 cylinder 2040 cc overhead valve engine (complete overhaul by Roger Carter in 1990)

Top speed: 60mph (fitted with 4 wheel brakes) average 20 mpg

This car has successfully crossed HardKnott & Wrynose passes (gradients steeper than 1 in 4) in the English lake district. It has also completed several tours of France; including in 1999 when it crossed French alpine passes over 5 700 ft (1 750m) high.

The pictures below show my car decked out for weddings.

Sunbeam 16


Sunbeam 16

Those interested in possible use of my car for their wedding transport (Oxford and surrounding area)

should E-mail to or call 07776 301166.   For further info click here!

Some more pictures taken in the French Alps:


Vintage Sunbeam in 2004


Colin Weyer, author of this site.


Talbot 10/23 hp

Talbot 10/23 hp

I bought this car in Spring 2001 (see below).

It has 3 forward gears and reverse with a maximum speed (originally) of over 50mph.

The engine is a four cylinder ohv of 1074 cc and fuel consumption was, and should be, about 35mpg.

The new 400 x 19 Classico tyres, from the very helpful people at Longstone Tyres near Doncaster, are ideal and suit the car well as it originally used beaded edge. They are a recent remake of the 3 stud tyre not available since before the war.

The badly worn splines on the clutch shaft had to be repaired. This involved dropping the back axle and dismantling the gear box to gain access to the clutch. It will be easier next time! I am particularly indebted to the late Nigel Candler for all his valuable advice based on years of experience on his two Talbot 10/23s.

Some new leaves for the front springs was the next project as the previous ones were about 12mm thick instead of 8mm. This has improved the ride and the steering. The job was done by a very friendly bunch called Fenix Carriages in Devon.

More recently Stuart Lloyd has done a great job converting the electrics from 6 to 12 volts and overhauling the engine.

The car is a real joy to drive and ideal for local journeys, although not up to the high speed long distance touring of the Sunbeam.


1924 Talbot 10/23




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